price from
Women’s cut & blow dry
(short to medium hair)
Women’s cut & blow dry
(medium to long hair)
Women’s wet cut $59.00
Men’s cut & style $55.00
College girls’ cut & blow dry $79.00
College girls’ wet cut $59.00
College boys’ cut & style $49.00
Children’s cut (Primary school) $35.00
Children’s cut (Preschool) $30.00


price from
Regular blow-dry
(short to medium hair)
Regular blow-dry
(long hair)
GHD styling
(additional charge)
Formal hair up $75.00
Wedding hair P.O.A.


price from
Full-head only $130.00
Three-head only $120.00
Half-head only $110.00
Extra product $30.00
Extra time $30.00


price from
Global colour (short hair) $100.00
Global colour (medium to long hair) $115.00
Re-touch only $95.00
Extra length (additional charge) $30.00


price from
Permanent waves only $120.00


price from
Intense treatment $35.00
Express treatment $15.00

All prices are subject to change due to the complexity of service, time & length of hair. To give you a more personalized and accurate quote please come into the salon for a free consultation with one of our team. Note, the colour pricing menu does not include the price of your cut and blow dry.

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